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It’s expensive to barf

Objectives To estimate the annual cost to patients, the health service and society of infectious intestinal disease (IID) from Campylobacter, norovirus and rotavirus. Design Secondary data analysis. Setting The United Kingdom population, 2008–9. Main outcome measures Cases and frequency of … Continue reading Read More

Planning for produce disaster: Mock outbreak proves valuable

Tim York, CEO of Salinas, Calif.-based Markon Cooperative, writes in The Packer’s Centerplate column that last month as we responded to a mock crisis drill testing our ability to react to, in this case, a potential food safety hazard. An … Continue reading Read More

Minnesota’s bad year of Salmonella, great year of surveillance

In 2015, Minnesota counted 973 people with state-confirmed Salmonella, the most since health officials started tracking in the early 1990s. Cases were up 35 percent over 2014, according to the Minnesota Department of Health, with 115 people affected by the … Continue reading Read More

Spices have twice the Salmonella of other FDA-regulated imports

In an effort to curb the number of foodborne illness outbreaks in America, the Food and Drug Administration is taking a harder look at packaged spices that are typically found on grocery store shelves. FDA has announced it is analyzing a … Continue reading Read More

UK homeless food service clashes with city council

An organisation which gives free hot food to homeless people has rejected as “bureaucratic nonsense” a request from council officials to have its food hygiene standards inspected. The People’s Picnic provides evening meals twice a week in Norwich. “We will … Continue reading Read More

Got Norovirus in UK? ‘Play computer games at home’

A tweet from the NHS which appears to be advising Norovirus sufferers to play computer games until they have recovered has been posted online. The missive, which was sent on Wednesday evening by NHS England, tells anyone who is ill … Continue reading Read More

Raw sprouts: ‘Never underestimate the power of denial’

With two new sproutbreaks in the U.S. in the past month, this supposed health food has again come under scrutiny. Wal-Mart and Kroger stopped offering raw sprouts for sale years ago. Our friend Bill Marler did some math on our … Continue reading Read More

Surveys still suck but this involves Chipotle, so it’s fun (for me)

The Daily Meal asked the public what impact, if any, the six-foodborne-illness-outbreaks-in-six months has had on the number of times they dine at Chipotle.Dan Myers writes 450 people responded, and here are the results: I’ve never eaten at Chipotle, and … Continue reading Read More

A plea for culinary modernism: Why we should love processed food

Rachel Laudan, a visiting scholar at the Lozano Long Institute for Latin American Studies at the University of Texas, Austin who has a doctorate in history & philosophy of science from University College, London , writes in Gastronomica, vol. 1, no. … Continue reading Read More

Australian bakery owner slams ‘ridiculous’ food safety fine for paper towel slip

Someone who’s not a fan of restaurant inspections is Matthew Carr, the owner of the Corner Bakehouse and Café in Budgewoi, who was fined $880 for not having enough paper towels­. Carr has slammed the penalty as “ridiculous” after his … Continue reading Read More