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CFIA suspends organic food processor

Jim Romahn of Agri 007 reports the Canadian Food Inspection ...

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Salmonella positive sprouts sold in Ireland | barfblog

Seán McCárthaigh of The Times reports that EU inspectors aud...

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Listeria patient dies; Foody World store remains closed

A grocery store specializing in Asian food remains closed as Canadian officials continue to investigate a Listeria outbreak that has hospitalized at least six people, one of whom has died. Public health officials from Vancouver Coastal Health told CBC News on Monday that they had not yet determined if Listeria monocytogenes infection caused the death... Continue Reading Read More

Bacteria named in Mighty Taco outbreak; chain denies fault

Bacteria sometimes associated with Chinese restaurants is the culprit behind an outbreak among more than 150 patrons of Mighty Taco restaurants in New York. State health officials said Monday evening they had isolated Bacillus cereus in samples of refried beans collected from Mighty Taco locations as well as in lab samples submitted by sick people.... Continue Reading Read More

27 tons of turkey recalled over unidentified black material

Michigan Turkey Producers of Grand Rapids Saturday recalled  approximately 54,011 pounds of turkey breast products that may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically an unidentified black material, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). It was the third and largest recall of the weekend for USDA-regulated products. The oven... Continue Reading Read More

Risk of Hepatitis E from pigs or pork in Canada

The role and importance of pigs and pork as sources of zoono...

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Gross: Raw chicken sashimi: Japan’s health types urge

Summary: Takahiro Takenouchi of The Asahi Shimbun reports th...

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New cases slow as Mighty Taco outbreak hits 160 illnesses

At least 160 people who say they ate at Mighty Taco locations in New York are confirmed in a foodborne illness outbreak possibly linked to refried beans. Public health officials in Erie and Niagara Counties say they are working with the state’s health and agriculture departments to determine what pathogen is the culprit. Erie County... Continue Reading Read More

UK McDonald’s forced to close after staff find dead mice

Summary: Josh Parry and Tyler Mears of the Mirror report a M...

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Shigellosis outbreak in Flint, Mich. because people afraid to wash hands

Shigellosis outbreak in Flint, Mich...

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