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When is a potato washer not a potato washer? When it’s washing cantaloupes

Opinion Food companies have been at the forefront of technological innovation and scientific research and development for decades upon decades. Cursory attention to the items we eat — how those items are grown, sourced, processed, and packaged – provides ample evidence of scientific research and development and technological innovation in the food industry. Simultaneously, food companies are... Continue Reading Read More

Restaurant food safety is an oxymoron

Opinion Nearly 300 people got sick after eating at a McDonalds in Brevard, NC, in what authorities believe is a case of norovirus spread through human contact. This is different from the other recent widespread foodborne illness outbreak at McDonalds, with 400 people – across 15 states – becoming ill after eating the fast food... Continue Reading Read More

Author: Doug Powell --- Source: barfblog No one wants to be the next Chipotle, including Chipotle: Outlet closes because of Norovirus

In keeping with the theme coined by the Huffington Post — all the ‘next Chipotles’ want to make sure they’re not the next Chipotle — a Chipotle restaurant in Billerica, Mass. has temporarily closed after one of its workers was … Continue reading Read More

Author: Doug Powell --- Source: barfblog Minnesota’s bad year of Salmonella, great year of surveillance

In 2015, Minnesota counted 973 people with state-confirmed Salmonella, the most since health officials started tracking in the early 1990s. Cases were up 35 percent over 2014, according to the Minnesota Department of Health, with 115 people affected by the … Continue reading Read More

Author: Doug Powell --- Source: barfblog Surveys still suck but this involves Chipotle, so it’s fun (for me)

The Daily Meal asked the public what impact, if any, the six-foodborne-illness-outbreaks-in-six months has had on the number of times they dine at Chipotle.Dan Myers writes 450 people responded, and here are the results: I’ve never eaten at Chipotle, and … Continue reading Read More

Author: Ben Chapman --- Source: barfblog ‘It may take more than a few hours to fix the systemic problems Chipotle may have with its restaurants’

Oliver nails it.   Read More