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One child dead; Salmonella outbreak ‘may not have peaked yet’ | Food Safety News

A Salmonella outbreak in Europe that may have been ongoing s...

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Health inspection website giving Peel restaurant diners food for thought

Anyone who has eaten in a restaurant, picked up a meal at a ...

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NAACP members sue Redwood City hotel over ‘humiliating’ norovirus outbreak

OAKLAND — NAACP members are suing an international hotel cha...

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Tainted tahina recalled by Michigan’s Sinbad Foods | Food Safety News

West Bloomfield Township, located 30 miles northwest of Detr...

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Federal investigation of raw milk farm expands to buying clubs | Food Safety News

Miller’s Organic Farm is not having a good year...

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Salmon roe recalled nationwide in Canada; botulism possible | Food Safety News

Imperial Caviar & Seafood has expanded its recall of salmon ...

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Queensland researchers’ approach to tackling severe gastro

Synthetic molecules could “block” food borne bacteria.


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EU members say Salmonella outbreak linked to Polish eggs

It’s unclear how many members of the European Union received eggs from Poland that have been implicated in an ongoing Salmonella outbreak that began in July 2015 and has sickened almost 150 people. Belgium, France and Germany received some of the eggs, according to information filed with the European Commission’s Rapid Alert System for Food... Continue Reading Read More

EU authorities not enforcing food safety rules

Source: Authorities not enforcing food safety rules

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Cheese recalled for E. coli in Australia | barfblog

Cloud 9 Farm has recalled White Velvet Cheese from Cloud 9 F...

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